After 15 successful years as a soccer team, the Vacaville Elite is excited to give our community a chance to have a direct involvement in the club by voting on club decisions and shaping the direction of the club's future. From former players, local soccer fans, to friends and families of current players, each member's vote will have an immediate affect on the clubs decision making.

This season the Vacaville Elite Soccer Club has elected to create the Supporter Group. For the low cost of $50, you'll receive an annual membership to the club that provides every member a direct stake in the club's long term success. In addition, you'll be able to attend all home matches for FREE. 


By empowering our supporters, we aim to strengthen the connection with our local community, while also ensuring the club's trajection is aligned with what our fans hope to see for us in the future.

Want to know more about becoming a supporter? If so, read more below:

What is the Supporter Group?

The Supporter Group is an annual membership to the VESC where you'll have both a stake and an influence in the future trajectory of the club. The membership costs $50/year and also includes admission to all home games.


Why are we creating it? 

The Vacaville Elite Soccer Club was always created for the community. By creating the Supporter Group, this gives us the opportunity to involve and empower our fans, former players, and people that are passionately dedicated to the clubs long-term success.

Who is the Supporter Group for?

  • Soccer enthusiasts

  • Fans

  • Former players 

  • Friends and family members of past & present players

  • Anyone who believes that soccer clubs can be more than just sports entities... they can be a family!

What is included in my membership?

  • Season pass: Each Supporter will receive a season pass allowing FREE admission to all home matches.

  • Voting rights: Throughout the year, Supporters will get together to meet and review the current landscape of the club and vote on major decisions for the upcoming season.


  • Annual Supporters dinner party: You'll receive an exclusive invite to our Annual Supporters Dinner, where we'll acknowledge and celebrate all of the club's successes and accomplishments throughout the year. The dinner will be held at a local restaurant and the meal will be included in the cost of your membership.


  • Special team items: Each Supporter will receive a  special t-shirt, signed team photo thanking you for your support, and other seasonal apparel items.


How do I become a Supporter?


 To become a Support Group member, click HERE.

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