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Age Groups

 March - June

April - July

April - July

April - July




*League Play (UPSL)

Developmental Teams

03 Boys / 05 Boys / 07 Boys
- Girls teams to follow


Dates: Sept - Nov 2019

Training 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (unless tournament or match play) - Subject to change*
- Training Location - Fairfield High School
    - Artificial turf and grass facilities 
- Secondary Training Location: Vacaville Christian High School
    - Artificial turf

Focus: Ensuring each player is equipped with the correct and proper fundamentals to succeed at the competitive youth level, high school, College, and Professional tiers. A panned out approach that will also include tactics and an introduction to different systems. 


Because the focus will be on player development, we will not be committed to match play every Saturday; instead, we will allocate that time to further enhance the players know-how and understanding on all facets of the game. In addition, parents will be required to travel less allowing for more open weekends which can be dedicated to family events, other programs, vacations, etc…

Developmental teams will still play a number of matches against top level clubs from all over California with the possibility of playing out-of-State opponents as well. Lastly, we will strive to participate in at least one tournament per “season”. 

Cost - $350.00


01 Boys Team (U-18)

League: UPSL National Youth League
- All matches are streamed live via
- National and International exposure: Colleges/Universities, USL, MLS, International Clubs

Feeder club to the Vacaville Elite Men’s Semi-Pro team: Player call ups, professional mentorship, network expansion: i.g., worldwide club connections, College/University contacts, potential job opportunities, friendships

Training 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - Subject to change*
- Training Location: Fairfield
    - Artificial turf and grass facilities 
- Secondary Training Location: Vacaville 
    - Artificial turf

League Matches: Saturday’s and occasionally mid week 

Focus: To prepare players for: College, Semi-Pro/Professional soccer, careers and life skills

Professional and College Showcase Tournament hosted by the UPSL